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Our Services

Graphic Design

Many businesses would not thrive without a graphic artist creating a logo, a slogan. a catchy phrase to represent it. Design of the imagery, corporate style, services, merchandise or identity is considered Graphic Design. The logo is usually the first request made from our clients.

Research & Writing

Research is the foundation of all communications projects. Often 45% of all projects is research. Examples include: researching concepts to design logos, researching content and graphics for editing books, researching facts, researching correct usage of words and spelling, researching background or history for corporate reports.    

Strategic Marketing

It is not hard to implement a strategic media plan if you know the results you desire to publicize a particular brand or an event. Simply write your ideas down! Then make a written plan it should include targeted steps, dates and names of media outlets that will be contacted to achieve measurable communication or marketing outcomes. ​

Remote Work

Remote work is far reaching; covering a wide range of services - particularly during the pandemic. In this capacity we provide support to clients with cultural workshops, research, communications trainings, photojournalism, public relations, customer service, marketing campaigns, trademark and state corporate filings and other administrative duties.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing, proofreading and graphic design are the most challenging, yet rewarding aspects of communications. It is hard work but the outcome is a finished product. We edit, proofread, and design the interior of the self published. Often we design the front and back covers too. Uhuru Lifestyles also assist with digital editing by transfering older files - VHS, slides, photos, etc into "digitize files" to preserve family records into virtual files.  


Please contact us at to arrange a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your ideas and ways to tailor the project to meet your needs. We use our expertise and desire to bring the highest quality of strategic cultural communications services to promote satisfaction.

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